Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is open! 

VRECS Online Registration

All Classes are Limited to 15 Students.  Here are our schedule offerings for the 20-21 school year:

PreK-3: We are not currently running a Pre-k3 program for Fall 2020.  If you are interested in Pre-K3 beginning in January 2021, please contact us!

Option 1: 5 full days (8:40a-2:40pm)

Option 2: 5 half days AM – 8:40a-12:10p


Option 1: 5 full days

  • Miss Maria Paschalis’s and Ms. Pam’s PreK 4 class:  8:50a-2:50p
  • Mrs. Lisa Bates’s and Mrs. Lorraine Fallacaro’s PreK 4 class:  9:10a-3:10p

Option 2: 5 half days AM – 3 1/2 hours from starting time

Transitional Kindergarten

  • Mrs. Liz Eckford’s and Ms. Blaise Barrientos-Knapp’s TK class:  9:00a-3:00p

*Please contact the director Maggie Nelson for a virtual tour and pricing information.  Call 201-791-7853 or e-mail


For those of you who are not comfortable sending your child back to school in person, we are offering an ALL ONLINE virtual option.  This program will be spearheaded by Mrs. DeMarzo who has many exciting things planned for our online students. The Virtual Teacher will conduct daily, live sessions via Google Classroom (the sessions will be recorded for students to access at a later time) and will include circle time, read alouds, show and tell, music and movement, small group instruction and assessments.  Daily supplemental lessons for home learning will be posted and may include Science, Social Studies and Physical Education.  Virtual Learning will include subscriptions to ABC Mouse and IXL.  There will also be materials for pick up at the school.


We will also be offering an ONLINE SUPPLEMENTAL option for half day students who would like to extend their learning beyond what they learn in a half day classroom.

Before/After Care:

  • Both will be limited to 15 students each (so please confirm your child’s enrollment in those programs as there are very few slots).

  • Before Care offers options to drop off at 7am or 8am.

  • After Care pick up times choices will be 4:30pm, 5:30p and 6:30pm (we will be eliminating the 3:30pm pick up option temporarily).

Classes fill up quickly!

Registration is on a first come/first served basis.

  1. This link is the one to follow for new families.  VRECS Online Registration

  2. Please fill out the information requested, including information Regarding Your Child’s Health.
  3. When you get to the Emergency Contacts page, start with the child’s other parent/guardian (if there is one) and please remember that it must include AT LEAST 2 LOCAL PEOPLE.  There are strict regulations on the release of your child. They are as follows:
    1. VRECS will release a child only to the child’s custodial parent/guardian or an adult person (at least 18 years of age) authorized by the custodial parent/guardian to take the child from the school.
    2. All people authorized to pick up your child MUST be listed and MUST CARRY PHOTO ID.
    3. We will not release a child to any person who is NOT on your child’s pick-up list and we will not release a child to a person who does not have a photo ID.
    4. We will not accept a phone directive to release a child to someone who is not already listed nor will we accept a letter or note written by a parent and brought to us by a person who is not the parent.
    5. Please make sure the people you select to pick up your child are available to help you when you need them and have working telephone numbers.  Also, please remember to keep the emergency contact list updated.  You can do this online.
    6. If there are any persons specifically NOT authorized to pick up the child, please let the Director know.  Please send us any legal documentation if necessary.
    7. If in OUR judgement the parent or authorized pick up person appears to be physically and/or emotionally impaired to the extent that the child would be placed at risk of harm if released to that individual, VRECS will not release the child to that individual.  We will attempt to contact an alternative person on the child’s emergency contact list.  If we are unable to make alternative arrangements for the child’s safe pick up by closing time, we will contact the Child Protective Agency.
  4. After you submit this form, you will be sent a copy of the information entered.  VRECS will pre-register the child in our system, Procare.  You will be notified by e-mail when this process is complete.
  5. Then you can go to and create an account.
  6. You will register your child for a schedule.
  7. You will fill out information About Your Child.
  8. You will acknowledge compliance with a list of VRECS policies.
  9. You will be asked to enter your payment information for our Registration Fee.  This is $150 for New families and $100 for Returning Families.
  10. After you submit your registration, you will be charged our one month tuition deposit which will be applied towards the June tuition.  It will be charged via Tuition Express based on the payment preference that you choose.
  11. You will also be required to submit a signed copy of our COVID-19 Tuition Policy and a Universal Child Health Form which will be e-mailed to you.
  12. This will complete your registration and secure your child’s spot in our program.

We would be happy to answer any questions you might about the registration process.

You can still choose to complete our paper registration forms if you prefer.

Below are links to the forms included in our registration packet:

Welcome Letter

Universal Child Health Record

First Day Information

Top 10 Reasons to Choose VRECS