Parent Feedback


What are Parents saying about VRECS?

We did a Staff Shout Out wall this year for Teacher Appreciation Week and here is some of the feedback we received:



Our Teachers, Director and all who serve our children are the GREATEST!

Thank you all for making this school so special!


Mrs. Nelson (Director):

No matter what, there is always a song in her heart!

Cares to much for VRECS and it shows!

Thank you for being so warm-hearted and caring!  You’re the best!


Mrs. Nayda (Administrative Manager):

Always lends a helping hand no matter what it is.  Thank you!

Thank you for always helping me out in the office every time I have a question.  I appreciate it!

You rock!  Thank you for being so welcoming and giving!


Mrs. Bravin (Pre-K3 Teacher):

Thank you for all that you do!

Mrs. Bravin and Mrs. Pam are an amazing team.  Thank you for all that you do!  You make Pre-K a breeze!

Loving and caring!  No matter the challenge, she tackles it with grace.


Mrs. Pam (Pre-K3 Associate):

You are so loving and caring! Thank you!

Miss Pam is awesome!  She puts her heart and soul into all she does.


Mrs. Flood (Pre-K3 Teacher):

Art changes people and people change the world, keep it up!

Thank you for loving me and being so kind and patient with me and for making my first year of school so comfortable and fun! And for all your extra hugs!

Thank you for all that you do every day!

She has been great!  On top of things, answers all questions and loves all the kids.  Thanks!

Thank you so much for being passionate about teaching young children.  I feel extremely grateful to have you as my daughter’s teacher.  The difference you’re making in her life is immeasurable!  Thank you for your hard work.

Your patience is magnificent and very inspiring!

Mrs. Flood and Ms. Denisse rock!

Easy going, artsy, excellent educator!

Your positivity and dedication are a bright light at VRECS!


Ms. Denisse (Pre-K3 Associate):

Thank you for always having a happy smile when you see me and making me feel special in class!  You are my special friend and I love you!  Thank you for always fixing my bows!

Thank you for your great support and dedication!

Thank you so much for your excellent work caring for all the children.  Your kindness makes my daughter feel welcomed and comfortable.  I love when every morning you greet each and every child with a big smile.  We really appreciate all your hard work!

You are awesome!  Thank you for being so loving with the children!


Mrs.  Bates (Pre-K4 Teacher):

So creative and hardworking!  Our kids are so lucky to have her!

Mrs. Bates and Mrs. Fallacaro are the best!

She tackles any challenge of the day.  She has an excellent sense of humor!

Thank you for being my teacher and putting up with me!

I so appreciate your faithfulness and dedication to VRECS!


Mrs. Fallacaro (Pre-K4 Associate):

So kind and loving and always smiling!  Our kids are so lucky!

Thank you for being my teacher!  I love it when you help me cut my paper!

Mrs. Fallacaro, Mrs. Bates & Mrs. C, Thank you for your patience with my hurricanes.  I truly appreciate your help guiding them throughout the year.

Thank you for always being so welcoming in Before Care.  It is so nice to see your smiling face every morning!  Thank you for your kindness and hard work with all the children!


Mrs. Liz (Pre-K4 Teacher):

The hard work and dedication to your class is inspiring!

Thanks for all of your patience towards the children and for showing them the love of God!

Mrs. Liz and Ms. Blaise are the best teachers ever!

Thank you for your patience and kindness!

You are so thoughtful and caring to everyone!  Your patience is a Godsend.


Mrs. Blaise (Pre-K4 Associate):

She does a fabulous job every day!  She comes in determined to tackle the day.  She is smart and hardworking!

So happy to have you in my son’s life this year!  Your kindness and dedication are greatly appreciated!


Mrs. C (Transitional Kindergarten Teacher):

We are very grateful to all of you, especially Mrs. C.  She has done a great job with our daughter.  God bless you all.  Millions of thanks!

Mrs. C. goes above and beyond for her class!

Loving and sweet.  Your hard work in the classroom is admirable.

Smart, creative, caring and hardworking!

Thank you for answering all my e-mails!

We so appreciate that you always give 110%!  Your hard work has really helped your students blossom!


Mrs. Jeanne (After Care):

Thank you for taking such good care of our After Care kids!  So glad you’re part of the VRECS family!

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